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cottonxcotton company

CottonxCotton was established in 2008, with continuous success and top-notch production, until it became the pioneer in the clothing field. The company has acquired enough experience that makes it a sovereign in the field. As we do provide a wide range of options: School uniforms, factories, hotels, hospitals, airlines, and all other sectors with the highest of quality available in all shapes, sizes and colors according to the international standards. We are most famous for our factory uniform, made from the best materials and cloths suitable for all conditions and climates with unmatched prices within Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and other countries.


These are the main categories for our company, if you can not find what you are looking for, please contact us through (this page) and we would be happy to oblige with the special requests you need.

س.ت :4700014936 – صندوق بريد :15011 – اشتراك غرفة تجارية رقم :205001114914

Our vision

We work hard to be the lead company in manufacturing and exporting uniforms across the Middle East, with what we possess from rich and broad experience, high quality products and unmatched prices

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Our mission

We work to promote and elevate the Egyptian products to an international level in terms of quality as well as modern attractive designs

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Our message

We aspire to support the local as well as the international market, through providing the best types of uniforms that is both comfortable and exquisite for all our clients in different fields. We seek to fulfill the desires of all our dear clients and to present them with a uniform that coincides with the international standards which in return provides our clients with extreme comfort and further enhances our trade mark and reputation.

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