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Company cotton X was established in 1990 and continuing successes until now, until she becomes a pioneering organization in the field of clothing and have the experience what makes it the first in its field, we offer the best selections of uniforms to schools, factories, hotels, hospitals, airlines, and all sectors with high quality matching the international standard specifications and all the stuff and the colors of all articles and special visit to the factory from the finest raw materials and fabrics that suits all weathers and climates different and out of competition in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the buyer.


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We support the local and global market through providing the best kinds of uniform is representative of each customer in different areas, and to meet the desires of all of our customers and provide uniform material corresponding to the specifications of the international standard which provides our customers full comfort and enhances their brand .



Working to reach Egyptian products to the international level in terms of quality raw materials and attractive modern designs



We strive to be the first company in the manufacture and supply of uniform materials in the Middle East as we have extensive experience and high quality, unbeatable prices 


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Working in the field of supply of uniform and more than 1000 users from institutions that operate in different areas of our steel track record of customers inside the Kingdom and imported fabrics our of several countries

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Choose from embroidery, laser engraving, transfers, leather patches, rubber, labels woven, and much more.

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