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Corporate uniforms

Cotton X Cotton is one of the leading companies that specialize in supplying uniforms for high quality corporate employees.

Types of uniforms available from Cotton x Cotton
CottonX Cotton uniforms provide tourism companies, security and guarding uniforms, airlines, uniforms, industrial companies, uniforms.
And many other types of different uniforms.
Since 1990 we have been working to help businessmen …

Hotel cleaners uniform

Cotton Workwear Hotel uniforms provided by Cotton X Cotton are not only distinguished as being practical clothes, but they are also distinguished by elegance, whether for men or women.

Hotel cleaners uniforms are one of the most important steps that should be taken while searching for hotel uniforms,

You need the housekeeping staff to appear well …

Hotel reception uniform

The clothes of many hotel employees may not appear at the appropriate level, which reflects negatively on the impression made by guests,
But because we at Cotton X Cotton know very well that the hotel reception uniform is the most important type of hotel uniform, we give it special attention.
The front desk is your hotel …

Tourism uniforms

Why are most companies and organizations interested in the idea of uniforms?
Tourist company owners always care that their employees look good and professional,
This is because the employees are the first front and responsible for the first impression of your company,
So our mission at Cotton X Cotton was to provide you with a uniform of …

Medical uniforms

The medical uniform is considered one of the most important types of uniforms, because it requires special specifications during its implementation.
Where it must be made from high-quality materials to be comfortable to wear and at the same time it is characterized by something of the process as it is easy for the doctor to …

Advertising clothes

هذا نص تجريبي يمكنك تحرير اهلا وسهلا بك تم ترجمة هذه الاضافة بواسطة شركة تعريب لتعريب القوالب والمنصات البرمجية </ P>Cotton X Cotton is characterized by its ability to design fashion and clothing that you may need if you are going to photograph an ad to promote your good or company

Or your factory or …

Language school uniforms

School uniform is the primary identity of the school and is the main factor that differentiates one school level from another to another.
That is why in CottonX Cotton we offer a variety of uniforms, language schools, uniforms, private schools and others to suit all types of schools.
You might be a big high school owner, …